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The popular perception of the divorce process is one of constant conflict, where both parents refuse to work together and argue constantly over the division of assets, or the determination of child custody and child support. While plenty of divorce cases fit this description, it does not describe every case. These days, there are other methods to handle a divorce case.

You and your spouse may end the relationship amicably, and rather than argue during the process, you decide to agree on a collaborative divorce instead. While this type of divorce has fewer complications and difficulties, it is still a complicated procedure governed by numerous laws and standards. You will still need the guidance of an experienced attorney. Berkich Lucey Law Group will accompany you through every step of the process and ensure that the collaborative divorce goes as planned.

What Is a Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce takes place when both divorcing parties agree to work together in achieving results and settlements that will ultimately benefit both sides. The collaborative process involves the spouses and their respective attorneys. Each party may also have a coach who is a mental health professional tasked with the job of helping the spouse emotionally through the divorce.

How a Collaborative Divorce Differs From a Standard Divorce

Unlike a traditional divorce, collaborative divorce forgoes the litigation process in favor of reducing the risk of an unpredictable and unfavorable outcome. In fact, most couples that agree on a collaborative divorce do so to avoid the drawbacks of a standard divorce. Some of the benefits of this increasingly popular collaborative process include:

  • Reduced costs caused by constant legal fights
  • Reduced time spent on litigation and conflicts
  • Clear, honest, exchange of information
  • Greater control over settlements
  • Ability to negotiate a better settlement for you
  • Decreased stress and emotional turmoil

What to Expect During a Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce procedure is more straightforward than standard divorce cases, and most of the time avoids conflicts seen in the courtroom stage.

  • You and your spouse will each hire an attorney, preferably someone with plenty of experience in collaborative law.
  • You will meet with your attorney in private and establish how much you want, how much you are willing to compromise, and the best solution you can reach under these circumstances.
  • The attorney, your spouse, and the spouse’s attorney will meet with you on a regular basis to resolve issues such as child custody, child support, financial matters, and division. Other neutral parties may also participate as needed, such as accountants, divorce coaches, and child specialists.
  • The spouses and their respective lawyers will sign a “no court” agreement that will withdraw the involved professionals if the divorce case reaches the courtroom. You will need a different legal skill set when engaging in a standard divorce case.
  • After both parties and their legal teams reach a final settlement, you can go to a family court to file for divorce and for a formal settlement agreement. Because you resolved all potential disputes during the collaborative divorce, the filing process will be relatively simple and free of conflict.

How a Law Firm Can Help During a Collaborative Divorce

Just because you and your spouse agree to take on a collaborative divorce does not mean that you will not need legal assistance. The services of a law firm will make sure that the process lives up to its name and that everyone benefits from the settlement. Just remember to hire a family lawyer who specializes in collaborative law and mediation, since a more aggressive and defensive approach can compromise the entire collaboration.

The duties of a collaborative divorce attorney include:

  • Helping you determine the settlement that will benefit you the most
  • Collaborating with your spouse and his or her attorney to reach the best result
  • Working together with neutral specialists and consultants during the process
  • Completing and filing any necessary paperwork
  • Answering any questions or doubts you may have during the procedure

Even though collaborative divorce results in fewer legal hurdles and conflict, it is not a procedure completely free of issues. There is potential for disagreements with your spouse that can threaten the alliance, and you might need assistance when it comes to understanding laws or filing paperwork. The attorneys at Berkich Lucey Law Group will bring their expertise and professionalism to guide you through the collaborative divorce process and work with your spouse and the respective legal teams. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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