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Adopting a child is an important decision for you and your family. While the prospect of adding a new family member to your life is exciting and joyful, you should also be aware of the legal requirements and complications that can occur during this critical process. Attempting to get legal guardianship for a child who is not directly related to you will require you to file extensive paperwork and meet strict guidelines established to protect the well-being of the adopted individual.

The adoption process does not have to be a painful and time-consuming ordeal. With the help of an experienced legal team, you can go through the process with ease and welcome this new addition to your life in a timely manner and with no problems. Berkich Lucey Law Group will stay by your side during every step of the adoption process, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that no errors or setbacks disrupt the adoption process.

Understanding the Adoption Journey in Nevada

In the state of Nevada, there are several types of adoption procedures, depending on your situation.

The most common adoptions in the state are:

  • Infant adoptions
  • Relative adoptions
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Adult adoptions
  • Inter-country and interstate adoptions
  • State and court ward adoptions

Each adoption procedure has its own set of requirements and regulations. State and court adoptions stand out from the other types of adoption since the children are either committed to the state (state ward) or are placed under state care (court ward) after the state has revoked parental rights. If you are adopting a ward, you will have to work together with the Nevada Washoe County Human Service Agency (WCHSA), the organization in charge of the procedure. Regular adoption procedures will require you to collaborate with the WCHAS, which we would be happy to assist you with.

State law allows you to adopt any child up to age 18, however, children who are 14 years and older must give consent to be adopted. Adoptees must be at least 10 years younger than the petitioner. Additionally, the prospective parent(s) must complete a six-month residency requirement before the adoption process is complete.

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