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Many couples facing family law disputes, such as divorce or child custody, cannot or refuse to agree on how the issue should be resolved. These individuals generally cannot overcome whatever emotional or mental barriers they face in order to cooperate with the other side. This can be understandable in view of the fact that divorce and other family law issues are likely the most personal, emotionally-invested, and challenging matters anyone will face in their life. They strike at the heart of one’s life, one’s pride, and social and personal wellbeing.

For these individuals, an alternative dispute resolution method such as mediation will be difficult or even impossible. However, for those who seek an alternative to the often adversarial and stressful process of litigation in the courts, mediation can be a positive option. If you are facing a divorce or other family law dispute and wish to resolve your differences with the other party outside the courtroom, we urge you to contact Berkich Lucey Law Group. Our firm primarily focuses its practice on family law issues and that concentration has given us a depth of valuable experience that can be used on your behalf. Our Carson City mediation attorneys can provide the help you need to have your case mediated in search of a fair and equitable settlement.

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Understanding the Mediation Process in Family Law

In mediation, you will work with a neutral third party, the mediator, whose job is not to take sides or make decisions for you but to facilitate a settlement of the issues. The mediator works with both parties using techniques that will foster cooperation and communication between the parties so that common ground can be found and solutions created. This involves creative problem-solving with the idea of reaching a settlement that will work for both sides. Compromises may have to be made but, in the end, you will retain control of the settlement as opposed to being told how matters will be resolved by a judge.

Mediation may start out with the mediator meeting with all parties together in one space. The issues that need to be resolved will be identified and objectives defined. The mediator may then work with the parties together or separately, moving back and forth between them, as he or she works to build agreement. Mediation is a negotiation process between the two parties with the skilled and trained assistance of the mediator.

Mediation can apply to all family law issues, such as:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation schedules
  • Child support
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • The division and distribution of marital property and debt
  • Any other issue related to divorce or separation

Mediation is generally voluntary except in cases where Nevada courts order it to resolve child custody disputes. Once the mediation process has been completed and a settlement has been reached, the terms of the settlement can be put into writing and submitted to the court for approval. Once approved, the settlement agreement then become enforceable through court orders.

Advantages of Choosing Mediation for Family Law Matters

Mediation, whether it be for divorce or a complex family matter, has many benefits:

  • It can be done on your schedule as opposed to court schedules. Thus, it is generally faster.
  • Since it does not depend on evidence that needs to be presented at court hearings, it is also less expensive.
  • The process is confidential and private with issues and discussions kept inside the mediation room as opposed to the public stage of a courtroom.
  • Both spouses experience greater control, as they pick and choose what to negotiate.
  • For the most part, the relationship is preserved, as the focus of the spouses is effective communication. In cases where parents will need to co-parent in the future, this can be a positive factor as it generally leads to fewer future disputes and more cooperation in abiding by settlement terms the parents themselves have created.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What steps should I take if I want to pursue mediation?

If you're considering family law mediation in Reno, the first step is to contact a reputable law firm like Berkich Lucey Law Group that has experience in mediation. You can schedule a consultation to discuss your situation and learn more about the mediation process. The attorneys can guide you on how to prepare for mediation and what to expect, helping you to navigate the process smoothly and effectively towards a resolution that works for all parties involved.

How does Berkich Lucey Law Group support clients through the mediation process?

Berkich Lucey Law Group supports clients through the mediation process by leveraging their focused experience in family law to facilitate fair and equitable settlements. The firm's attorneys assist clients in navigating the complexities of mediation, ensuring that their rights and interests are represented. They bring compassion, experience, and skill to the table, aiming to find the best options and solutions for resolving family law disputes amicably.

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