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Every child deserves the right to be financially supported by both parents whether their parents live together or not.

In Nevada, child support laws have been established to ensure that children do not suffer lack of support that can negatively affect their health, education, and overall wellbeing. When parents are married or living together, the assumption is that both parents contribute to this support.

However, after a separation, divorce, or where parents have never been married, this issue becomes vitally important.

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Calculating Child Support Payments in Nevada

While each parent is responsible for contributing to the financial support of a child, generally only one parent will be required to make child support payments.

This is most commonly the noncustodial parent.

In cases where parents have joint custody, the paying parent is generally the one who has the higher income. This is done to maintain the standard of living the child enjoyed prior to the divorce.

The state of Nevada has set up guidelines that are used to calculate child support payments.

Under these guidelines, the following factors will be used:

  1. The gross incomes of the parents
  2. How many shared children will be supported
  3. How much time each child spends with each parent

A percentage of a parent’s gross monthly income will be used to determine the payment. Your gross monthly income includes all the income you receive in salary, wages, or commissions, as well as government benefits such as unemployment, Social Security, and more.

  • If you share one child with the other parent, your payment will be computed at 18% of your gross income.
  • Two children will be computed at 25%.
  • With each additional child, the percentage will increase.

Understanding Nevada's Child Support Deviation Factors

Courts have the latitude to deviate from established guidelines under certain circumstances. These can include:

  • having a child with special needs,
  • a parent having to support children from other relationships,
  • Other situations that may affect the financial needs of a child

Parents are not allowed to dodge child support through voluntarily not working, purposely remaining underemployed, or hiding funds.

Courts still have the authority to hold these parents responsible through court orders and other sanctions.

Child Support Enforcement and Modification

In some instances, a parent may refuse to comply with a child support court order. In these cases, you can seek an enforcement of the order by taking certain legal actions, such as wage garnishment of the nonpaying parent.

Additionally, you may need to modify your existing order when it is no longer viable; this would involve a change in your income levels or some other change in your circumstances that impacts your ability to pay.

Guidelines for Modifying Child Support Orders in NV

In Nevada, you can modify child support when there is a minimum 20% difference in revenue.

You can review child support orders every three years.

The birth of additional kids or remarriage also has legal implications that courts in Nevada recognize and adjust financial plans accordingly. Either parent can ask for the review.

If three or more years are complete, you can ask your former spouse to submit new paystubs to calculate a new child support figure. If your ex refuses to deliver financial information, it may be time to file a motion in family court.

Berkich Lucey Law Group can provide the assistance you need with these issues as well. We have represented many parents in all matters relating to child support in Nevada.

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